First Grade News

Mrs. DiCesare's Class

Math- Organzing, Representing and Noticing

In Math, our focus this week was learning how to organize and represent information. Students talked about what it means to organzine (we noticed how t-charts, rectangular drawings and circles that group information) and we talked to together about how we represent it. We used our shoes as data to help us sort and categorize them together. Students generated categories like tall and short, and boots and shoes. Then they were asked to organize the data we found as a group and write a sentence about what they noticed.
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Characters We Love!

As a part of our character study, the students sketched and painted their favorite characters this week! They will be hanging in the hallway when you come on Family Night!

Changing Water

In science, we have been thinking about how things change. This week, we had a great discussion about how water changes. The kids talked together and figured out that water needs cold to become ice. We shared ideas about how we could freeze water... they came up with refrigerator, freezer, oven and outside. Their discussion helped clear up some confusion about how water needs to be very cold to freeze so oven and refrigerator were taken off our list after much discussion!

Learning to be Makers!

IRE has Makerspaces and this week we walked down to learn how to use these in our school! The Makerpsace movement is a child centered approach to thinking and creating. This week we read a challenge presented to us by our art teacher-Mrs. Christine. The challenge included thinking about creating tiny things for a family living in a tiny bookshelf. The students used paper and recycled materials to begin creating during our afternoon choice time.

Family Night!!

On Wednesday, February 3 (this is a change in date from the last newsletter) we will be having our first Family Night!!! It will be from 6-7pm in our classroom. It is a drop in and out kind of night. You don't need to stay for the full hour but if you would like to you are welcome to. Students will share their favorite books and writing with you. They will also teach you a math game.