Jared's Bucket List

April 2014


I would like to go to Florida to explore the under water caves. Chemical weathering has occurred in the caves. Water and Gravity have helped make the caves like stalagmites and stalagtites.
Florida Cave Diving @ Peacock Springs.


I would like to go surfing on Gold Coast beach in Australia.Physical weathering occurred here. Running water and waves helped create the beaches.

White water rafting

I would like to go white water rafting in Futaleufú River. The side rocks are caused by physical weathering . Running water is the erosion for these rivers.

Snow Boarding

I would like to go snow boarding on Mammoth Mountain. Physical weathering occurred in these mountains. The erosion was the moving glaciers.


I would like to go hang-gliding in Byron Bay, Australia. Physical weathering occurred on the beaches. Running water and waves are the erosion.