Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- August 26, 2016

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

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We've had an awesome start to the school year! We've spent the week getting to know one another, and building a positive classroom culture. Here's a recap of what we've done so far:

Math- We've been using math activities from If you click here, you can see some awesome resources for parents!

Writing- We introduced writers notebooks, decorated the covers, and began getting them organized for use throughout the school year.

Reading- We started the "First 20 Days," which is part of the reading workshop model that we use here at New Albany. We've been discussing how to choose a book, what independent reading looks like, and reading stamina.

NEW: Brain Journal- This year, we've started a Brain Journal. We'll be talking a lot about how the brain works, and how your brain can stretch and grow to learn more. The YouCubed link above has a lot of great videos and reading about the topic, if you're interested in learning more. Click here to read a great article about how a parent's beliefs about math can change their child's achievement.


What to expect for homework in the Think Tank

Students will be given a homework menu every Friday. The completed menu will be due the following Friday. Students will choose 1 task from each column. The goal of this style of homework is to have students apply concepts taught in class, make homework meaningful, and maybe even fun for students! J If what students are being asked to do cannot be brought in, a picture emailed to,, or a note from you is great. There will also be a reading log on the back where students will be asked to complete 80 minutes of reading weekly.

The second piece of the homework menu is a “Design Challenge”. This is not a requirement, but we are strongly encouraging kids to participate. The challenges will align with our focus for the weeks it is assigned. Students are given 2 weeks to complete the design challenge. We will be displaying all of their challenge work throughout the year in our classrooms.

If you have any questions about assignments please feel free to contact us!

"Me Museum" Due Sept. 2- Parents Welcome!

Students' "Me Museum" will be due on Friday, Sept. 2nd. We will present the museums from 2:00-2:45 on Friday, Sept. 2nd. Parents are more than welcome to attend. The museums will be set up around the room, so you can pop in at any time during that 45 minute time slot!

We look forward to learning more about your child, and seeing you in our classroom!

Meet Our Class Pet- Captain Fluffywinkle

Captain Fluffywinkle

This year we will have a class pet- a Guinea Pig named Captain Fluffywinkle. We will have a "Captain Crew" that will assist us in taking care of him. We will ask for volunteers to take him home on weekends and breaks, so if you're click here to sign up on our Signup Genius!

*If your child is allergic to Guinea Pigs, please let us know!*

Week 1 Slideshow!

Click here to see The Think Tank in action this week!

"What is the #mathbrainmyth?"

Click the link below to see what Will has to say about the math brain myth!

Scholastic Book Orders- Due September, 2nd

If you would like to place a Scholastic book order, forms went home this week, or you can do so online, using the code MBKQR.