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November 14, 2019

Permission to do it differently

I feel like our theme this year is "Permission to do it differently". We've encouraged each other to change small and big things in our classrooms. We have encouraged ourselves to consider what isn't working and make a change. We've challenged each other to try new things and see what happens.

What if we extend this theme to the holidays? Give yourself permission to do it differently? I like this reminder, it was a good one!

PS - as far as themes go...this one is lame for a t-shirt, but powerful for your life!!

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Thanksgiving lessons

I've included a few links to read when considering plans for Thanksgiving lessons. This information came out of small group equity meetings Jeanie and I attended. The do's and don't list will really only be appropriate on the "don't", the "do's" are more appropriate for older children. The second link is just food for thought.


Do's and Don'ts:

Link to resources for PreK (although book suggestion is grade 1 and up)

Signing up to work a Paradise Park Event

EC Staff: You asked if you could go from both Paradise Park events to just working one. Please see the sign up sheet below. Tracy Halphin will send out volunteer sign up sheets. If you wish to spend your time being helpful at the event, please sign up....that is great. If you feel you need to connect with families, then that is great as well.

EC and PAT Staff: Steam night will be worked by all. Your collab group can determine how to best divide the work and if your group can decide on a set up first shift and a clean up second shift, you are welcome to work 1/2 the event.

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Superintendent Search

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback. Your voice matters!!

Our Week:

Monday - 8:00 Jeanie SLC Title Mtg, Kerry Jeff City

Tuesday - here all day

Wednesday - Jeanie here, Kerry at SLC Diversity training all day

Thursday - Kerry WLE 11:00-1:00, both to facilities for bond discussion 3:00-5:00

Friday - here, Kerry 9:00-10:00 home visit observation