The Battle of Gettysburg

Presentation made by: Hunter Swearinger

What factors led up to Gettysburg?

  • Congress passed the Missouri Compromise, which ended slavery in the western states.
  • 2 soldiers from John Buford's army enter Gettysburg, which immediately alerts John Buford.

Conditions the soldiers faced?

Often had drills every morning and had chores between drills.

The soldiers also faced poor medical conditions, which doctors didn't know a cure to.

When they had breaks, they had to do house chores.

They also rarely had nutritional foods.

Outcome of Gettysburg

Known as the bloodiest battle, more than 50,000 soldiers died. Robert E. Lee's army won the battle of Gettysburg.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a huge influence of the Battle of Gettysburg. Although he was only there for a 1/3 of the battle, he made a huge impact. He was the main person that was involved, because he was the president. Lincoln "sided" with the North, because they didn't agree with slavery and he didn't either. He had a huge impact of the battle, because of his motivation and devotion. Abraham Lincoln was eager to abolish slavery, which in my opinion gave him more motivation. Lincoln is most remembered for his bravery, because he didn't listen to anyone and decided not to end the war.