Fahrenheit 451

Cameron Easter, ENGLISH 1, 2nd period

What is happening now!

Right now Montag got stuck in a situation that he didn't know what else to do but panic. He went crazy by killing captain Beatty and knocking out 2 other of his fireman friends. So at this point he is hiding and went off into the woods and probably doesn't know what to do! We will see what he does and how he handles this situation. To Be Continued.............!

What I think is going to happen!

What I think will happen is Montag will find Clarisse because it says she is dead but I don't think she is. He will find her and they will hide together until something happens. They may escape, they may not. Im not that far ahead yet but I am so eager to find out what happens!

Some of the Characters!


Things to look forward to!

  • -more action and violence
  • -excitement
  • -unexpecting things
  • -more cuirse words