Helping Animals Everyday!

Job Description

Do you absolutely love taking care of and interacting with animals? Well, if you do being a veterinarian is the job for you. Being a vet has many perks and is worth the years you spend in school! Some normal jobs are:


1. Health Check-ups- Pet owners often have regular health check ups scheduled for every month to make sure their animal is healthy!

2. Administer Vaccines- Vaccines aren't always a choice the owner gets to make. Certain vaccines are required to own a pet, so vaccines would be a common and normal process at work.

3. Perform Surgeries- Vets are often responsible for the medical treatment of a wide range of animals from dogs to horses. They are also responsible for the anesthesia required for the process.

4. Fix Broken bones- Casts are often used to help heal broken bones for animals just like humans.

5. Cleaning Teeth- Someone's gotta do it.

Advantages Of Being A Vet?