Human Dependence


BY: Kaden and Justin

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A long period of unusually dry weather within a geographic area where rainfall is normally present.

Main issues

1. Lack of precipitation for a long period of time. It usually leads to a low supply of water in the region.

2. Dry weather that can cause forest fires to break out.

Negative Effects of the Enviroment

  • Damage to animal species
  • Lack of food and drinking water
  • Disease
  • Damage to plant species
  • Increased number and severity of fires


Droughts are located more around the south west of the United States. In states such as Texas, California, Nevada, and New Mexico they are more abundant to happen. Droughts can happen any where though.

Wildlife Affected

  • Deer, Elk, Cows eat grass and grass doesn't live without water.
  • Marine animals have less water (space) to live in.
  • Producers have less water to make food.

People Affected

  • There have been droughts in League city.
  • We were put on water control and on fire danger
  • People were affected by limitations on water usage

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  • Overpopulation
  • Over cropping
  • lack of relief measures


  • Water Conservation
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Storing and moving water

Our Ideas

  • Building More Dams
  • Time limits on water usage
  • Water recycling

Geography- Natural Hazards (Drought)