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November 18th - December 2nd, 2020

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No School

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Break, school will be closed on Wednesday 25th November until Monday 30th November 2020. We hope you take this time to relax and enjoy your family.

Please note that Tuesday 24th will NOT be an early release day.

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Q: With TUSD’s decision to stay remote until January, is CFSD likely to close schools for in-person learning?

A: CFSD continues to follow the guidance of the Pima County Health Department’s COVID-19 Progress Report and Local Recommendations, which indicates that it is safe for schools to operate right now.

Recently, Dr. Francisco Garcia, the county’s chief medical officer is quoted as saying, “It’s interesting, because even as the school starts to open up, what we’re seeing in the school is not really school spread. It seems like kids in the classrooms are relatively safe and relatively well. The cases that are identified and associated with schools are not acquired at the schools.”

We are listening closely to our public health officials throughout this crisis. As we have said from the outset, we will not supplant their guidance with ours. If we receive a recommendation from the PCHD that it is no longer safe to offer in-person learning, our schools will return to 100% remote learning.

Homework Expectation If Your Child is Absent from School

We have received many questions about work in the event a child is absent from school. This information comes directly from our Student/Parent Handbook:

-The classroom teacher is responsible for collecting copies of materials and assignments given to the class during the absence. Teachers are not expected to prepare these materials in advance of the absence.

-The student and/or the parent is responsible for picking up all make-up work upon returning to school.

-The student and/or the parent is responsible for arranging with the teacher an acceptable period of time for the return of the make-up work.

-When a student has been absent for illness, reasonable time will be given for makeup work once the student returns to school.

Students who will be absent less than three days should work with a classmate to collect missing assignments or collect assignments after returning to school.

If a student is ill for three or more consecutive days, the parent may call the school and arrange to pick up missed assignments after 3:15 p.m. Teachers are not expected to prepare these materials in advance.

FFO Corner

Have You Completed Your Open Enrollment for Next School Year? Do Not Wait - Apply Today!

Thank you to the 40% of our open enrollment families who have already completed the application for next school year. All VV Open Enrollment Families must re-apply for Open Enrollment each year. Click on the attachment below for more details. Help us get to 100% before the end of December!

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Carole Siegler, Vice President

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