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The history

Cyprus was part of Britain and gained independence in 1960 later fights between Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities. It joined the EU in 2004 and was not a founding member.

Government and economy

The currency is the Euro but previously they used Cypriot pounds. They have a republican government. The Capitol city is Nicosia.

The Cypriot flag

The symbolism of the flag

The bronze silhouette of the country with crossed olive branches underneath symbolizes peace and reconciliation between Turkish and Greek communities

Interesting facts

Cyprus is the largest island in the medditeranean. Also it has the third smallest population. One more interesting fact is that it is the only member in the UN whose name has no letters in common with the word image.

Major cities

Here are a few major cities in Cyprus: Limassol,Paphos,Morphou,Kyrenia, and it's capitol Nycosia

Geography and tourism

There aren't many geographical features except for two mountain ranges with a large plain in between