Victoria Trejo

What colleges or GPA do you need?

For photography there are so many different colleges to go to. In my case I only looked up some colleges to look at. I looked at RMCAD, The Art Institute, and the New York Films Academy, Rasmussen, and ect. To become a photographer you don't need much education. Though many want their degree to be prepared for anything.

What requirements do I need?

  • You need to be able to make your picture into any color.
  • You'll have to be able to edit your picture in any way.
  • Your going to have any background the buyer wants.
  • You'll need to be able to get everyone's attention and have them looking the best.
  • Lastly you'll need to be able to have a visual picture before you take the actual picture.

What's travel and normal look like.?

Travel you go pretty much anywhere and most anything. Travelers get paid from $25-$2,000. Normal photographers get either less or around the same. The smaller gross from 2012-2022 would be 4%.