Romeo and Juliets Suicide

Suicide for Love or Confusion?

Nurse caused a lot of confusion and untrustworthy ideas during the marriage of Romeo and Juliet.

Nurse persuaded Juliet to marry Romeo and kept it a secret as she helped them.
Nurse said, “To fetch a ladder, by which your love Must climb a birds nest soon when it is dark”

She is trying to help Romeo and Juliet see each other off Juliets' balcony when everyone is asleep. Nurse switched roles and tried to get Juliet to marry Paris, which caused Juliet to become confused and stressed out. She told Juliet, “the county Paris, at Saint Peter’s Church, Shall happily make thee there a joyful bride." Nurse says that Paris is gonna make Juliet happy if they get married which confuses Juliet to the point where she thinks he will never be happy again, because she believes Romeo is her true love.

Death or Love

She told us we could work,

she told us there was a way.

Then she said i was crazy ,

told me i was stupid.

I do not know what to do,

i didn't even plan for this to happen.

I'd rather die than to marry Paris ,

so i took a poison to perish for awhile,

not to die forever.

But death was waiting for me anyway.

Guess it was meant to be in deaths arms,

instead of my lover romeos'.

Saying she ended up in the arms of death instead of her lover Romeos arms.