Snow safety

By:Brandon Mooney

Outdoor Snow Safety

-When playing outside during the winter make sure you wear plenty of layers it is also good to wear water resistent shoes.

-If you are walking during the night make sure you wear clothing that contrast with the snow.

-Dress in thin layers rather than thick layers which lets you take of your clothes if the temperature increases.

-Wear a "base layer" which will usally be a pair of long johns or any other type of long underwear.


-If you are cycling during the winter avoid snow and ice wait for the snow to clear or melt.

Watch out for "black ice", which is a clear form of ice that looks like pavement.

-If riding on snow covered biking trails it is very safe to let youre air pressure out.

Driving the Snow

-If you need to get some where during the winter it is better to take the local metro.

-Always keep a safe distance from snow plows if you are driving try to give the vehical room and also the workers.

-Always drive carefully over bridges, ramps, and other elevated services.

-Avoid filling your gas tank up fully to avoid gas line freez-up