Emotional Resilience

Educational Leader Series for Staff

The Emotional Resilience for Educators Series is designed to help you, the school leader, share with staff the importance of personal wellness.

This series offers:

  • each episode only 10-15 minutes
  • research based ideas presented by the PLAEA SEBH Leadership Team
  • new episodes monthly

This series was created by the Prairie Lakes AEA SEBH Leadership Team

Kim Bodholdt, Courtney Cook, Coletta Jaeger, Marni Moody and Melissa Wurth

If you have topics or ideas for additional episodes or to offer feedback, please contact :

Jenn Peter, Regional Administrator


How the Series Works

As a school leader, you will learn more about the series by watching the Leader Guide below.

You can then access the episodes that you feel will be most effective for your staff by clicking on each link below. New episodes will be released monthly.

Two Options to Consider

This series was designed to be shared with school staff in one of two ways

1) School leaders may watch the screencast, use the google slide deck and present to their staff.

2) School leaders may share the screencast with their school staff.

The Emotional Resilience Options

Click on one of the buttons below to access a google doc with the resources needed for the presentation.
Leader Guide - Emotional Resilience

Introductory Screencast for School Leaders

Episode 5: Decision Fatigue

Released April 2021

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