oil spills

human dependence project

main issues


animal death

toxic waste

negitive affects on enviorment

kills animals

pollutes ocean water

destroys life source for animals in water

wildlife affected most

wildlife is affected mostly because the oil dirties the water animals live in

makes water toxic

makes water unfit to live in for fish water

how is wildlife affected

kills animals

makes life in ocean a place that is not fit to live in

pollutes living space

does effect league city

no does not affect

people affected

people are not affected by most oil spills

how does it occur

this happens when people dump oil ships or when oil is leaked into ocean by nearby plant

also happens when people put trash into ocean(oil)


people have created ocean sanctuary for wildlife

to protect ocean animals

and to stop them from going extinct.

idea soultion

build oil plants farter away from ocean

clean up oil if wasted into ocean

block of oil from ocean

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