Culture: Art

The people in Morocco love to express themselves through their art. They make all sorts of things, like carpets, ceramics, jewelry, carvings, painting, and even calligraphy. Poor people usually sell their artwork to tourists that come to the country.

Culture: Customs

When traveling to Morocco, always make sure to:

-Not take pictures of people without their permission

-Be careful when haggling

Culture: Celebrations

Culture: Religion/People

Morocco is VERY strictly Muslim. (98.7%) They don't accept other religions very much, and are incredible bigots in the category of acceptance and equality.

El Flag

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Morocco's Independence Day!

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 12am



1860- Spain comes to Morocco

-Spain and France fought over territory

1912- Treaty of Fez

-French protection, Spanish influence

1952- Independence!

-Spain still in the picture

1975ish to 1991- Western Sahara War

2004- Earthquake!

2011- Rebellions

People from Morocco

-King Mohammed VI of Morocco



World Book: Morocco

Morocco (a book) (sorry!)