By: Jerry Spinelli


This book is about a young orphaned boy named Misha. It takes place in Warsaw, Poland, during World War II. Misha doesn't remember his name at first, and he started calling himself Stopthief because he steals food. He then met Uri, who named him Misha, his guardian. Uri begins to raise him like a brother why they stay out of sight of being know as Jews and Gypsy's. They steal food for their orphanage and other kids without homes. Jackboots start to run the town, lowering them down on wood so they freeze to death in the winter, lowering food suplies, anything they can do to get rid or the Jews and Gypsy's faster. Misha doesn't quite understand the concept of how the jackboots are mean people and he says he wants to be a Jackboot. Uri disappears and then one day he meets a girl named Janina and starts becoming friends. Once he begins this long friendship with her and it starts to get worse for Jews Uri comes backs and warns them they need to go hid. Janina refuses to, she is determined to find her father. Uri then gets shot as Uri tries to save Misha from helping Janina and getting caught. Its been three years since and he is now in America on a farm working. He comes back to Warsaw to see whats left and while he was in America he changed his name to Jack. He now will always remember Janina, as he plants a Milkweed in the back of his yard, still wondering what happened to all his friends.

Why Someone Should Read It:

I think someone should read it because it has to do with the life as a Jew and how they had to live during World War II. It also tells you a lot on how they lived and what they had to go through during the time.