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I am so excited about all the growth our team had last year! We reached so many people and helped to improve their health and wellness. Let's do it again and grow some more!

doTERRA has blessed our family is so many ways! We are all healthy, happier and well-rested. We've survived numerous moves and still like each other. We have met and call some of the most amazing people our friends. And we are better off financially.

doTERRA continues to be on track and is growing stronger and stronger!

  • passed $1 billion in revenue (passed in early December 2015)
  • first $100 million month September 2015
  • US Market began operating as a billion $ market in November 2015
  • 100% debt free

Just for comparison, Apple earned $1Billion in revenue in 6 years, doTERRA in 7 years! While our team is only a small part of that, we are growing! One on the things I love the most about doTERRA is how willing everyone is to work together and help each other. Come be a part of that! We have tons of resources to get you started and keep you going!

We are changing the world one drop at a time! I would love for you to join us.

Compare to other MLM companies you know of:

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David Ellis - Power of Residual Income

The Breakdown

Sales Compensation Plan

There are two ways for you to earn commissions as you build your home-based dōTERRA business as an Independent Product Consultant. First, you receive retail profits on the purchases of your retail and preferred customers, and second, you receive commissions on the sales of Independent Product Consultants that you personally sponsor and on the sales of the consultants they sponsor.

Retail Profits

As an Independent Product Consultant, you will receive the difference between your customers' retail and preferred customer purchases and your consultant wholesale prices. Your Independent Product Consultant retail profit is 25% of retail sales and 9% of preferred customer sales.

Fast Start Bonus (Paid Weekly)

The Fast Start bonus is designed to provide you, as an enrolling sponsor, immediate rewards for enrolling new IPC’s into your business organization by paying 20% on purchases and sales made within the new IPC’s first 60 days. This bonus is paid weekly and applies three generations deep for the new enrollee’s first 60 days (see graphic).

A personal Loyalty Rewards order of 100PV or more is required to be eligible for this bonus.

Power of 3™ Team Bonus (Paid Monthly)

dōTERRA's Power of 3™ Team Bonus is designed to provide generous bonuses to consultants who properly structure their organizations. There are three stages to this bonus which will be paid out each month as long as the required structure is maintained. To qualify for the first bonus, you must be a participant in dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) with a monthly order of at least a 100 PV. Each month you have three first-level consultants who also have a Loyalty Rewards order of at least 100 PV, you will receive a $50 bonus in addition to your retail and Fast Start bonuses and other commissions. To qualify for the $50 bonus, you must also have a Team Volume (defined as your PV and the combined PV of all your first-level consultants) of at least 600 PV. To qualify for the second Power of 3 bonus of $250, simply help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $50 bonus themselves. To qualify for the third Power of 3 bonus, help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $250 bonus and you will receive $1,500 every month your team structure remains in place!

Organizational Leadership Bonuses (Paid Monthly and Quarterly)

As you grow your business you will be paid additional bonuses for your organizational leadership activities. dōTERRA provides generous unilevel bonuses of up to 7% down seven levels and beyond in your business organization. There are also company sales pools available to qualified consultant leaders who are paid commissions on 6% of total company commissionable sales volume in each market.

If you would like more information on the dōTERRA sales compensation plan, contact me (or the person who sent you this link) directly.

"Bottom Line: doTERRA overall appears to be a legitimate business opportunity in the health and wellness industry for individuals interested in the beneficial use of essential oils. The company adheres to strict rigorous scientific testing and its products are certified to be free from contaminants and artificial ingredients. The company has an exceptionally high market retention rate in its industry.
The company also receives an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company has received a low number of complaints and the company responds and resolves these issues quickly and satisfactorily. Business startup costs and yearly renewal are very low for a multi-level marketing company.
The company also provides an excellent training program and a wealth of business tools for its Wellness Advocates. The company boasts an excellent compensation plan with plenty of team-based bonuses and incentives. The health and Wellness company has won several awards in its industry".

Why doTERRA?

From Greg Cook, doTERRA Executive VP

Living a debt free life with doTERRA: In speaking of interest, there is an old pioneer saying--"There's them that understand interest, and there's them that pay it". In a recent exchange of email amongst the executive team, we outlined a major doTERRA goal for 2016. We desire to do more to recognize the power of doterra to bring people out of debt. Debt is a real bondage to many people and many wish to be free of it.

After 25 years in our industry, I am still asked by people how we can afford to pay such good commissions to people. Aren't your products overpriced in order to pay out those commissions?As we learned in business school, promotion and sales costs are built into every product. Retail companies choose to spend their marketing dollars on advertising, commercials, spokesmen, sales teams, etc.

At doterra we take the same dollars and pay it in bonuses and commissions to hard working independent wellness advocates who are traveling, conducting events, building websites, marketing materials, creating videos, etc. We have not experienced a feeling of our products being overpriced because we have kept our prices low, relative to high end essential oil brands, and we have a loyalty rewards program that creates strong brand value.

For most of our business minded leaders, they invest far more in their business than they make, in the early is the case with most any new business venture. Unlike too many other MLM's who pressure others to buy large initial startup kits, doTERRA leaders do not invest in large product inventories. They prefer to enroll with value kits and create affordable monthly consumption from repeat customers who value regular use of essential oils and a natural lifestyle. A doTERRA business builder's investments are typically in creating websites, travelling, venue costs for meetings, etc.

In all of the creation of programs and incentives, we have worked to create a sustainable model of behavior. We reject unsustainable practices of front end product loading, high pressure sales, overpriced products, etc. This is why people like doterra's culture and how we create a natural business experience and not a manufactured one.

Thus, while not perfect, we take some well-earned pride in our leaders who are able to use, share, and grow an essential oil business. Most of our business builders are well educated, hard working people. Some are very experience business leaders, but the vast majority are simply passionate people who have never "done business" nor have they been big essential oilers previously nearly all are new to network marketing.

Through a very natural progression a passionate product user turns into a sharer, who turns into a small business builder, who turns into a large business builder. Along the way, they become a leader and through sacrifice and trials begin to earn a larger and larger income. Also along the way, a husband or partner will take notice and begin to support and help until enough monthly commissions are earned to support and sustain the family. Once the builder is self reliant financially, they will set a goal to become completely self reliant and get out of debt. This is what we hope and what we have seen time and time again.

Today, doterra is helping thousands of leaders to supplement their incomes as well as become the primary source of income and when well managed allows for a more secure financial position. There is no get rich quick here. Our generous 12 month return policy protects anyone from potential regrets. For the most part, the very significant incomes that doterra leaders are seeing today are being invested, and reinvested into business, charity, educations, and other meaningful activities and endeavors.

We hope and fully expect that our huge forecast for growth in 2016 will result more freedom from the bondage called debt.

You Can Do It!

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If you are looking for a way to earn extra money or replace your income by teaching others how to care for themselves and their families, you've found it!
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These products have helped us live healthier, non-toxic lives and the business has helped us to work toward financial freedom!

DōTERRA Business Opportunity!!
I'm looking for new leaders who would like to work from home and help teach classes to empower people to live healthier, more non-toxic lives.
* You will work side by side with me to learn the business (free coaching)!
* Start up cost as little as $35!
* No inventory for you to pre-buy or stock up on and no delivering products!
* $100 monthly investment! This $100 a month can easily be used to buy things that you already have in your home like toothpaste, laundry detergent, soaps, moisturizers, anti-aging products, shampoo and conditioner, oils to replace your toxic cleaning product, etc.!
* Supplement or replace your family's income!
* Must be coachable and eager to learn.

If you are tired of being sick and tired, if you are fed up with big pharma and a toxic environment, if you want your kids to grow up learning healthy and natural alternatives, if you want to overhaul your family's lifestyle to a safer chemical free one... then this is the business for you!

You work as little or as much as you can or want. You are your own boss!
Curious? Let me answer your questions. No pressure!!