Catapult Project

by Lauren Wiser

Hands-On Learning

Several weeks ago in physics, we learned about projectile motion. As a way to relate what we are learning to the "real world", students had to build catapults and measure the distance and velocity of their projectile - a marshmallow.

History of Catapults

Students had to research the history of catapults including the origin, purpose, and different types. Then students created their own catapults out of popsicle sticks and tested their creation!

Catapult Competition

After students created their catapults and measured velocity, launch angle, and distance, I asked them to make modifications to their catapults to increase horizontal distance. We then had a catapult competition to see which group's catapult would launch the marshmallow the farthest.

The catapult winners from each class:

The Catapult History