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Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Nerd Alert

Most people think of nerds as quiet, diffident people. But in fact some nerds are quite fierce. The fierce nerds are a small but extremely competitive group. Fierce nerds also tend to be somewhat overconfident, intelligence. There's also a natural connection between nerdiness & independent-mindedness. I'm less sure why fierce nerds are impatient, but most seem to be. The good news is that your fierceness will be a great help in solving difficult problems. As the world progresses, the number of things you can win at by getting the right answer increases. Recently getting rich became one of them: 7 of the 8 richest people in America are now fierce nerds. The bad news is that if it's not exercised, your fierceness will turn to bitterness, and you will become an intellectual playground bully: the grumpy sysadmin, the forum troll, the hater, the shooter down of new ideas. How do you avoid this fate? Work on ambitious projects. If you succeed, it will bring you a kind of satisfaction that neutralizes bitterness. paulgraham.com

Week of May 24th - Recovery Phase 4!

CCPHC recommends > age 12 get vaccinated; No masks/social distancing if vaccinated.

Monday, Noon - Hospital Board of Trustees; 6PM - Planning & Zoning Commission

Tuesday, 4PM - Municipal Court; 6PM - Parks/Recreation Board

Thursday, 10AM - Housing Authority

Memorial Day Weekend

To Enhance the Quality for All...

Highlighting community leaders serving on Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Authority - Jesse Hall, Nick Houk, Doug Richey, Ron Smith, & Mark Spohn. Thank you for your leadership in ensuring this sales tax is used as promised. The PSST Authority meets annually in August to review the proposed expenditures to be included in the upcoming budget.

Council Actions & Upcoming Agendas

Council Actions - Formed Urban Redevelopment Corporation & appointed board members, WHY? URC will review applications for redevelopment projects in 353 District to eliminate blight; Approvals for N. Jesse James/Dunbar Overlay Project Change Order, [FUNDING: TT, CIP, R/B] WHY? Favorable bids enabled expanded project scope; Agreement with KH Consulting, [FUNDING: GF] WHY? To facilitate community led discussion to improve our Quality of Life using Communities of Excellence framework; Policy for non-monetary adjustments to sewer bills, [FUNDING: Sewer Rates], WHY? Formalizes request for sewer bill adjustment due to water leaks . Hospital Board of Trustees - Department Reports, Capital Project Update, Business & Policy Discussion. Planning & Zoning Study Session - Present zoning district proposals, non-conforming use, SUP, exceptions, Mobile Homes, Parking, Landscaping, Accessory Uses.

Key Project Updates

Construction documents are under development for work @ Hall of Waters, funded by Saving America's Treasures. Cemetery clean-up is on track for Memorial Day weekend. Work has begun on Jesse James/Dunbar Overlay project, starting with driveways & right/way. Preparing second grant application for Safe Streets & Sidewalk work is underway; seeking quotes from community members experiencing difficulty walking or biking in vicinity of schools or Kearney Road shopping area to support application. Community Advisory Committee met to discuss last year & upcoming Paramedic Classes. There is an excellent Paramedic Course at our Career Center providing Paramedics to area agencies, including ES Fire, there are 14 enrolled next semester. There is a shortage of Paramedics in the region, making this a good career choice. Royal Hotel experienced visible deterioration on Friday, called Owner, Preservationist & Structural Engineer to respond to stabilize the area of concern, River Street was closed as a precaution.

Choose Your Attitude!

Relax and unwind at the Elm's underground spa, the Grotto, which offers a wide variety of treatments that are perfect for couples. And once you've de-stressed, you may choose to hit the Excelsior Springs Golf Club or let the hotel spook you with an Elms ghost tour at night. samplingamerica.com