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2022-2023 Series - Volume 21 (January 25, 2023)

This is our twenty-first edition this year!

We use this newsletter to make connections regarding the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework in the Thompson School District (TSD).

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Quotation from the U.S. Secretary of Education

"As a lifelong educator, I can tell you—Intentional collaboration works.
It leads to shared values and clear purpose. When we have authentic educator voice in
reimagining our schools, students will do much better!" (Secretary Miguel Cardona, 1/18/23)

Click to Open: Student Led Conferences

This edutopia article (12/14/22) describes the benefit of middle and high school students leading conferences. Consider the Value Add of: "Building Student Leadership Skills Through Participation in Parent-Teacher Conferences".

TEE: Evaluations of Learning

The Thompson Educational Expectations (TEE) are familiar to many of us. Our TEE Compass is the "teaching and learning model" in TSD. Thinking about Evaluations of Learning, you may be wondering what type(s) of data are of best use for your decision-making. You also may be unsure of how to view reports or access individual student profiles. Useful data displays and information that looks consistent across the district will help to ensure we can engage in problem solving and decision-making. Meaningful visualizations make a difference!

Remember that each licensed staff member should be able to use eduCLIMBER (eduC); visit the TSD eduC site for resources - or use the contact options at the bottom of this newsletter to ask directly about a specific question related to eduCLIMBER (or FastBridge). There are some additional resources that are not posted (on the public-facing site) that may be of assistance - should they need to be provided. More support materials are in development and will continue to be shared. The Student Information and Assessment (SIA) team has learned about many of the nuances of these platforms. More guidance will be created and published to promote practitioner use of these district-adopted web-based software tools. When we can get a "snapshot" or the "story" of student performance, we can start to analyze data, design intervention plans, and monitor progress.

Click to Read: Grading Article

Thomas Guskey, leader in the field and commonly-referenced evaluation/grading expert, published this brief article: "Can grades be an effective form of feedback?" in Oct. 2022. It was cited as one of Kappan's "Most Read Articles of 2022".

Quotation: "We learn in a state of positive emotion much more effectively than we can learn in a state of negative emotion. That has huge implications for what we do in schools." Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond
Click to Review: "For Young People Looking for Help"

This page is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA, 3/1/22). It has tips for children and young adults who may be having "mental health problems". The site includes links to other resources/information, as well.

"Children do not "learn" to calm or self-regulate. Children become capable of calming and self-regulation through consistent experiences of having been calmed by their caring adults." Dr. Vanessa Lapointe from
Click to View: Conference Sessions

This site includes recordings from the recently-held (2022) Michigan MTSS Annual Conference (averaging about an hour each).

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