What rights do you have placed on your work?

Copyright Licenses

Copyright: A collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of work

Public Domain: An older product that has an expired copyright can be copied. Things become public domain in different situations, when copyrights expire, products will be released into the public domain. Also, when the person who made the product passes away, they may include in their will that the things they made are to be put in the public domain.

Example: Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet

Freeware: Copyright that you can use, copy and distribute for free

Example: Itunes, Safari

Shareware: Copyrighted that you can use for free for a limited amount of time, and can be payed for if you want to use it more

Example: Free versions of games

All Rights Reserved: Allows the user to only use the product by the terms of the license agreement

Example: Products bought at a store like Best Buy and Walmart

Open Source: A software that includes the source code with the idea that someone can improve upon it

Example: Extensions for Chrome and Safari