Sumner High School & Academy 2027

"The Week Ahead" 9/7/21- 9/10/21



Sumner HS & Academy 2027 Schoolwide:

Students will authentically engage in rigorous, student-centered instruction that is responsive to ongoing student assessment data, utilizing the shared instructional principles.

Sumner High School:

Student achievement will be enhanced through the use of differentiated collaborative structures, student-centered discourse, and relevant rigorous text built upon clear learning intentions and success criteria.

Academy 2027:

Sumner students will utilize WICOR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading) to critically analyze text aligned to grade-level standards on a daily basis.

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Paper 24/7 Tutoring for SUMNER STUDENTS

Help is Here. Anytime. Anywhere.

Hillsborough students grade 6-12 have unlimited, on-demand access to free academic support through Paper. Need someone to talk through a particularly tough math problem? A Paper Tutor will be there to assist students within seconds. Need someone to read an essay and make suggestions on how you can improve it before submitting? A Paper Tutor will be there to assist students.

No matter what a student's academic needs are, Paper’s expert learning assistants are available to help 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Just log in and ask a question! Students can login through Clever by clicking on the Paper icon.

Unlimited, Expert Support for Students, No Costs for Families.

Paper is a free resource for all Hillsborough students grades 6-12. Any student can connect and speak with a tutor for 30 minutes or 6 hours. Their usage will never be capped and families will not have to pay a cent for seeking assistance.

When working with a Paper Tutor, students should not expect to receive answers. Instead, their tutor will ask them guiding questions to get students thinking critically about what they know, what they’ve tried, where any misunderstandings are, and how to move forward.

Try It Now or RSVP

To speak to a tutor immediately, students can login to their Clever accounts and click the Paper icon.

To learn more about how Paper works, parents and guardians can sign up for Q&A sessions in English and Spanish and speak with a member of the Paper team directly. Should you have any immediate questions, feel free to reach out to"

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XCountry Sumner HYPE Socks Fundraiser

The B/G Cross Country teams are selling Sumner Hype Socks!! As of now, the store will close on 9/24 at 11:59 pm, so get them while they last.

Go to the below link to order:

Jule F Sumner High School Cross Country Sock Fundraiser 2021 | Hype Socks | powered by OrderMyGear (

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It is time for College Applications...


It’s time to start planning for your future! If you are planning on attending college, now is the time to start the process. You can explore your college options by attending one of the NACAC Virtual College Fairs. Click on the link below to register for the virtual fair you would like to attend.

Events | NACAC Fairs (

Two important flyers (below attachments) we want to share with you. The first flyer is information about SAT and ACT testing, and the second document is a “College Application Checklist”. Seniors, during the month of September, you will meet with your counselor individually to discuss your graduation status and postsecondary plans. Please make a list of any questions you have…and your counselor will be happy to assist you.

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Important AICE Information

On August 10th, Cambridge released the exam results for the June 2021 series exams.

If your student received a score of a “U,” meaning ungraded, he/she is eligible to purchase a retake examination. UNGRADED indicates a standard below the required score needed for Grade E(e). If a student wishes to retake an AS exam, he/she must take all components.

Students who have received a “U” on their examination, still earn high school credit for the AICE course taken as long as they passed with a “D” or higher in the course.

While tutoring will be available, it is the student’s responsibility to prepare for the examination, and that any work missed from classes while taking an exam will need to be made up. Absences from class while making up an AICE Examination will not count against a student’s attendance.

If you are interested in retaking an exam, please see the schedule below to view what retakes are offered and the dates of the retakes. The deadline to submit a retake request is Friday, September 10th and you are responsible for paying the $110.06 fee for each exam you retake. Payments will be submitted through My Payments Plus.

If you were quarantined during the exam you wish to retake your fee will be waived. Please email Ms. Miller, for confirmation of the fee waiver.

Sign up for retakes here:

AICE Retake Test Schedule

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Hillsborough Virtual K-12

Have you requested a virtual course with Florida Virtual School (FLVS)? Did you know that our district virtual program, Hillsborough Virtual K-12 (HVK12), also offers this same course?

HVK12+ Part-Time offers year-round enrollment for our families.

What are the benefits of taking the course with HVK12?

  • Local Hillsborough County teachers
  • Local Administrative and support staff
  • The grade is entered by HVK12 into the HCPS transcript upon completion
  • State funding remains in the district
  • Students have flexibility in completing their coursework

If you are interested in taking the course with HVK12, please add the same class with Hillsborough Virtual and your counselor will verify that course request.

We encourage you to consider HVK12 and work with Hillsborough teachers and support staff.

Click Here for HVK12+ Part-Time Elementary Directions

Click Here for HVK12+ Part-Time Secondary Directions

Contact Information

Virtual Instruction Programs Office: 813-983-7278

Dr. Tiffany Francis:

HVK12+ Part-Time website: Click Here

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College Shirt Thursdays at Sumner!!

Wear your favorite college shirt on Thursdays at Sumner HS!!! We want to instill in our students the many benefits of post-secondary education. Sumner is celebrating their first senior class in history and the college application process has begun for the 22/23 school year!! Students-- Which college and/or university will you attend?!
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Operation Patriot Drive (See Deputy Alonso)

Operation Patriot is a small, all volunteer charity comprised of employees and retirees of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. We began this charity in 2004 to provide a way to better the quality of life of our aging heroes who are spending their last years at the Baldomero Lopez State Veterans Nursing Home (BLSVNH). It is located in Land O’ Lakes and is the regional nursing home for this area of Florida. Approximately 75% of the Veterans are from Hillsborough County.

We identified a need that was all but forgotten in our elderly veterans’ home. Very few, if any, organizations exist to support the veteran heroes of our former wars, which include; WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the original Gulf War. Many of us do not realize that the State has adopted the same dollar allowance as Medicaid for these items, which include toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture products, incontinence products (Depends type items), hand lotion, etc. This allowance is only $35.00 per month. As many of you who have purchased these items know, this is not enough.

We began conducting a product drive for personal care products within businesses and schools in Hillsborough County, delivering between 250 – 400 boxes each Veterans Day to the home.

As time progressed we identified needs to assist the aging residents in their final years. We provide the funding for entertainers to perform for the residents seven times a month. We installed and maintain a computer system (stand alone) with internet access, along with Netflix and Skype capabilities. We provided several large screen televisions in common areas and dining rooms. We also provide numerous themed parties and BBQ events throughout the year, along with purchasing individual personalized Christmas gifts for each of the 120 Veterans, given to them at our annual Christmas party.

In the past, with the assistance of the staff at BLSVNH, the donated items were stored and used as needed for the residents. Due to Covid-19 and the need to maintain PPE and other needed supplies, available storage has been drastically reduced for our use.

Like last year, this year we are accepting donations of Depends briefs and guards, and boxes of tissues. We are also accepting gift cards for Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, and Amazon; checks made payable to Operation Patriot; and monetary donations. All donations will be used to provide quality personal care products in bulk, incrementally, throughout the year.

WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEER, no one receives any compensation in any manner for our work. The donations we receive go to our goals, with very little (less than 4%) going toward operating costs.

In 2007 we incorporated as a charity in the State of Florida and we have attained a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, which allows donors to have a tax deduction when they contribute to our organization.

If you would like to donate to help our Aging Heroes, please contact us at or send your contribution to Operation Patriot, P. O. Box 2443, Brandon, Fl 33509. Please visit our website at or like us on Facebook.

Please see our School Resource Officer, Deputy Alonso, for additional details and/or how to give to this wonderful organization.

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Attendance MATTERS Every Period Every Day!

REMINDER: Attendance Matters Every Period Every Day. We cannot educate our students at an optimal level if they are not present and/or late to school.

Attendance of every student enrolled at Sumner HS is required in order to benefit from the continuity of instruction and classroom participation. School attendance shall be the responsibility of parents/legal guardians and students. Absences shall be reported to the school attendance office by the parent/legal guardian on the day the absence occurred. The number to be called to report an absence on the day of the absences is 813-378-8626 ext.4000.

The following factors are reasonable excuses for time missed at school:

A. Personal illness of the student

A student who has demonstrated a pattern of absences due to illness may be required to present medical verification the principal.

B. Court appearance of the student

C. Medical appointment of the student a note from a health care provider may be required.

D. An approved school activity. Absences will be recorded but not reported.

E. Emergencies that are acceptable to the principal

F. Other absences as approved by the principal. A written request from the parent/legal guardian is submitted to the principal at least three days prior to the date of absence. The parent will be notified of the decision.

G. Attendance at a center under Children and Families Services supervision

H. Accident resulting in injury to the student

I. Significant community events with prior permission of the principal

When more than one school is involved, the Area Superintendent will determine the status of the absence.

J. Observance of an established religious holiday

K. Death of a close relative. For purposes of this policy, close relatives shall be defined as the father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter (or in-law), stepfather, stepmother, stepbrother, stepsister, half-sister, half-brother, stepchild, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandparents, grandchild, or members of his/her own household.


State Law requires that students, 14 to 18 years of age, who have not earned a high school diploma, who have 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days, be ineligible for driving privileges. School districts are required by this legislation to report to the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), the names of any students who have accumulated 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days. The student who is reported will be informed by the DHSMV that his/her name has been received and he/she may lose the privilege to drive. Should a student be contacted by DHSMV with information, he/she may initiate a request for a hardship waiver or a request for reinstatement of driving privilege through the Office of Student Affairs.

A hardship for employment is based on verification of need. The factor to be considered is the extent to which a student provides a substantial financial contribution for his or her livelihood or his or her family’s needs. A hardship for medical care is based on the need for transportation, for the student or his or her immediate family members living in the same household, to access required treatment. Consideration should be given to whether there are any other licensed drivers residing in the household.

Students who accumulate 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days will be reported by the school to the DHSMV. Please follow the attendance procedure that has been established in order that students not be reported unexcused when they should be excused. Please reach out to our Student Services Team and/or Administration with questions and/or concerns.

Whenever any student has a total of 15 days of unexcused absence from school during any semester, the student will be considered habitually absent. The school will inform the parent of excessive absences and the district’s intent to notify the Department of Highway Safety of Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) of the student's excessive absences.

Tardiness to Class: A student is tardy when the student arrives after the beginning of the school day or when he/she is not in his/her assigned seat or station when the tardy bell rings. A student’s tardiness shall be excused when the reason given is acceptable to the principal or designee. Examples of acceptable reasons for tardiness are the same as the examples of acceptable reasons for excused absences.

Sign-in Procedures: Any student arriving to school after the session has begun at 8:30 must report to the Main Office or Office of Student Affairs. An admit shall be issued indicating excused or unexcused tardy or absence. For the student to receive an excused sign-in, a parent or guardian must accompany the student to the Main Office and give an excusable reason. More than two sign-ins in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation. Students will not be allowed to sign out later than 3 PM Tue-Fri and no later than 2 PM on Mondays. Please understand that students are close to dismissal and sign-out at these times disrupt the learning and dismissal process.

Secondary Students: Once students arrive on campus, they may not leave without permission from the assistant principal for Student Affairs. Students who must leave school during school hours must have their parent/guardian request this release by phone or in-person to the Office of Student Affairs in order to obtain pre-approval. More than four sign-outs’ in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation and/or a parent/guardian must be present in order to be considered excused.

All students need to take hold of their commitment and potential to be the best they can be for themselves...and that commitment and potential starts with being on time and present to each class Every Day.

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HCPS will continue to use Canvas as a learning and communication tool in 21/22. The BELOW ATTACHMENTS (2122 ALL CANVAS) provides parents and guardians with helpful information for using Canvas to support and monitor student academic progress.
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