Ms. McCarver's 3rd Grade Class



I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with your kiddo this upcoming year!

General Information

Class Dojo

If you haven't already please sign up for class dojo! This is a wonderful site that allows me to track student behavior and award points based on good and appropriate behavior. This site has several features. One, you can log in and tack your student's behavior, two you can use the app or the site to contact me with any questions you have about the day, your students' behavior or something that is happening in our classroom. This is generally the fastest way to get in touch with me!

You can either log in using the website or you can download the app to any device!

Please let me know if you need the log in again!

You will also receive a print out version of your students dojo's from the week before in the Thursday Folder. Please sign and return every Friday.


Planners, or agendas are sent home every night. Students are given class time to write down what they did in class and their homework. We will also be putting tests dates in there as well. Please take a minute to check your students planner each night for any notes from me or important information that that may have come up during the day. Please take time to initial that you have seen this daily. Feel free to use this space to write a note back to me as well.

Upcoming Test

Typically before every test we do a review for that unit. I will post a note on dojo asking for the students to "teach" you the review. This helps build their confidence as well as helps them have more fun studying for the test.


That is such a great question. I ask that students read 25 minutes a night (because the only way to be a better read is to read!) Students will be given a reading log on Monday that will need to be completed by the following Monday, as well as their spelling list. Math homework is typically given after we finish a lesson and brought back the next day, the number of questions they are asked to do will range from assignment to assignment.

Pearson Online Resources for Students

As I am sure you have seen one of our math resources is the Pearson Math. One of the best features of this resource is that students can access the curriculum at home. This means that they can review the videos from that days lesson, print pages left at school and play educational games.
I will also have the videos available to preview if you would like to access the material before we teach it.
Students will all be given there username and password but here is a generic one for your reference.

S plus student ID @

First 3 letters of their last name plus their student ID
EX: and12345

Please follow this link to access person and click the person icon. Let me know if you have any questions, happy viewing!

How to Contact Ms. Mccarver

There are several ways you can contact me, ask a question or schedule a conference. First, feel free to email me or call the school and ask to be transfered to my room. Also, you can contact me via Class Dojo, this works like a text message and I will get the message quickly. I check my email and my Dojo account several time a day. Remind is also another way to get a message to me quickly.

My email address:

I am available for conference Monday, Thursday and Friday 12:30-1:00 pm and 3:00-3:30 pm.

A little bit about Ms. McCarver