This Week at AES

12/14 - 12/18

This Week at a Glance

Monday 12/14

  • Christmas Hat/Sock Day
  • Choir to 3:30

Tuesday 12/15

  • Wear Red or Green Day
  • Choir Performance 1:00 and 6:00
  • Christ Club
  • Staff Meeting: Mid-Year Reflection

Wednesday 12/16

  • Ugly Sweater/Christmas Attire
  • 3rd grade to River Park
  • 3rd and 4th grade Christmas Celebration

Thursday 12/17

  • Dress like a Snowman, Present, Elf, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread Man, or other Christmas Theme
  • CVMS Band Performance 9:00
  • 3rd and 4th grade to RiverPark
  • All other Christmas Celebrations

Friday 12/18

  • School Wide Pajama Day
  • PTO Cookie Day
  • Donut Bar in Room 33 (Provided by PTO)
  • Lunch Provided by the Office Staff (Please plan for a 45 minute lunch today).

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AES Apparel

If Audubon apparel is on your Christmas List, check out our spirit shop. The shop has high quality shirts with several designs and colors for you to choose from and will be delivered right to your home just by visiting Hoodies and other Goodies are coming soon.

Notes for the Week

This Week is an Intermediate Guidance Week

  • On Friday 12/18 we will be providing lunch for all staff. Non-classroom teachers and support staff, please build your schedule to allow for an extended lunch. If you schedule does not allow for a 45 minute lunch, please contact Caleb ASAP and we will get you covered. A schedule will be coming out soon for classroom teacher lunches.
  • Most of you have turned this in, but just in case: During your PLC times, please be working on the pacing of Engage New York for the 2nd Semester. Your team’s pacing guide is due to me before you leave on December 18th.

Hot Links

  • Information on the Sessions with Sarah and Barbara can be found here.
  • Please be mindful of your printing. When possible, always print to the copy machine and not actual printers. Printer printing costs 5 times the amount of printing to the copier. Reports of our largest printers can be found here.

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Running with Blinders

Most of you are familiar with Horse Blinders; those little squares that obstruct a horse’s view. It is said that blinders were invented when a preacher had a wager with one of his friends. The preacher bet that his horse could walk up the stairs in his home; which the horse did with no problem at all. But, when he tried to coax the horse down again, it wouldn’t budge! So, the preacher covered the horse’s head and led him down. He realized that covering all or part of the horse’s vision could encourage the horse to take chances it would not normally take.

Horses sometimes need to be made to focus and blinders keep the horse’s eye focused on what is ahead, rather than what is at the side or behind. That is why racehorses are often given blinders – for the purpose of keeping them focused when racing round a racecourse.

One of my greatest strength’s and weaknesses is the ability to put on mental blinders. When I have a daunting task or hectic schedule, I put on my blinders and get to work. I am extremely productive when this happens. I check off boxes, I dot I’s and cross T’s. I am in the zone. This is a strength of mine because I become laser focused on completing the tasks at hand, but it is a weakness because I often neglect the important things in my life.

Blinders are great to help us keep focused when we have goals, ambitions, and tasks, but the reality is that we must take them off from time to time to survey the territory, celebrate your progress, and take time for the relationships that you have neglected.

As I have reflected on our progress, I am amazed. I was talking with someone a few days ago and they described this year at Audubon as a “Sandpaper Year”. Let’s face it, we have went to the “Buffet of Change” and filled up our plates. I would make a list of the things that we are changing or “tweaking”, but I only have a few hours to write this. I have neglected to tell each of you how proud I am of you. You have taken up your chalkboards, dust mops, spatulas, and determination; tackling each one of our new endeavors. I have seen so much growth in you as individuals and tremendous growth in our students as learners. Audubon has the best staff in the district. You guys are skilled educators, passionate, hard-headed (in a good way), hard-working, and you love our kids. I hope each of you sees the benefits to the changes. Change is not easy and you have embraced the changes even though it has not been an easy process.

Over the next few weeks, please take time to slow down, focus on your family, and take time for yourself. You deserve it. 2016 is going to be a great year at AES; it’s going to be great because of you.

Merry Christmas,

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