War machines

Take a trip out of your world, you wont regret it.

Are you ready for some real action?

On the big red planet of Jupiter, every year fierce competitive machines armed with heavy fire power and the latest technology in our galaxy, fight in an arena. They fight not only for respect and honor, but also for freedom.

War machines

Sunday, June 30th 2019 at 10am


The events will be happening in Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Since Jupiter has an elliptical orbit, which means sometimes its closer to Earth and other times it's farther away. When Jupiter is close by, it is only 4.2 A.U (628,743,036 million km)

When Jupiter is farthest from the earth, it is 6.2 A.U away. (928,081,020 km)

when entering the atmosphere, beware of the clouds, they are filled with vapor and they are also composed of hydrogen and helium.

the planet mass is 1.9 X 10. The surface is 6.22 X 10 km2 Diameter is 143,000 km.

Yes, there are small amounts of water "on" Jupiter, but most of it is vaporized on it's clouds, even some of Jupiter's moons have water or even ice.

we hope to see you there, don't miss the action.