5th Grade News!

September 8 - 11


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We are continuing to look at multiplication and be certain that we have a conceptual understanding before we commit to using the traditional algorithm. If students can explain to Miss Conn WHY the algorithm works the way it works, then we are good to go for the year using the traditional algorithm! Happy Dance!!! If your child is still struggling with having a clear understanding, we will hone in on the strategy that best meets their current needs and will continue to work towards the algorithm.

We will also start to dive into the process standards through our Daily Problem Solving. This week's focus is basic: Problem Solving!

Homework: Think Through Math Lesson


This week in writing we will be the writing process. Each day we will focus on one step of the writing process to help us become better writers. We will also work on peer conferencing and editing. Your student will be able to take suggestions for others and apply it to their writing.

Homework: Study Spelling Words


1. accept

2. capital

3. joined

4. inscribe*

5. subscribe*

6. describe*

7. nature

8. natural

9. flame

10. flammable

11. nation

12. national

Challenge List

1. transcribe*

2. prescribe*

3. scribble*

4. manuscript*

5. transcription*


This week we will continue our Matter and Energy Unit. The students will learn about melting, boiling, and freezing points of water. Each day we will focus on either on melting, boiling, or freezing point. The goal of the week is for the students to be able to state at what point water will freeze, melt, or boil.

HOMEWORK: Vocabulary words for Week 2


This week in Reading we will continue to analyze characters within text. We will describe conflicts character encounter (man vs. self, man vs. man, man vs. society, and man vs. nature). We will use text evidence to describe relationships between characters and character roles (hero, leader, victim, scapegoat, etc.) within a story.

HOMEWORK: Read at least 20 minutes per night. Keep track in your agenda. A response will be posted on Wednesday. Please respond in your spiral.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will analyze and reasons why Europeans explored, colonized, and settled in the United States.


Wish List

  • Paper towels
  • Lysol Wipes

Volunteers Needed!

Looking for a way to volunteer at the school? The library needs your help. Come to the library volunteer orientation Wednesday, September 9 at 10:00 and see if it is something you might be interested in doing. No experience necessary! If you are not able to make the orientation, please email or call Michelle Mayo at mayom@friscoisd.org or (469)633-4086 and we will gladly set up a more convenient time for you.


In order for someone else to pick up your child, those individuals need to be added to your child’s emergency contact list. These additions can be made by emailing our Data Clerk, Rhonda, Cowlishaw: cowlishr@friscoisd.org

Dismissal changes:

This has also been asked a LOT this week: How do I change my child from a walker to a Carpool pickup (or whatever change they need): Changes need to be communicated by Noon! (This is also in the Parent Handbook)

Book Fair

Monday, Sep. 28th, 7:30am to Friday, Oct. 2nd, 3:30pm

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