What about the Cubans?

By Torie Helms and Quadajah Rivers

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How did this group surprising group get here and Why?

A large population of 250,000 Cuban came to the U.S. in 1959. They came for political reasons. In 1959, Fidel Castro and his communist took over Cuba. People who supported other regime left to the U.S. during Castro's rule life in the economy of Cuba got worse, poverty began leading people to flee to the U.S. for better jobs and a better life. Some flee because of the persecution of Castro's government. They execute citizens who speak out to go against the way he ruin the government.
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Past and Present

A rough count of today is that there are 1.1+ million Cubans in America. That equals 2.8% of the population. When Cuban came to the U.S an immigrant laws was passed to prevent a mass number of refugees from entering the U.S. known as "wet-foot, dry-foot" policy, where Cubans intercepted at sea returned to Cuba but the ones who make it to the U.S. are quality to become a permanent legalized citizen. The United States is the home to the largest number of Cuban Immigrants. Even though Cuba is so close to Florida, Cuba and America had a feud for almost 53 years. America just signed peace with Cuban in the year of 2015. To this day the Cuban government is falling. The economy is falling as well.
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Where the group settled?

Most of the Cubans settle in Miami, because Florida is near the Cuban border line. 63% of Cubans live in Florida. They are also spread throughout New York, New Jersey and California.
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How many member of their group came to the U.S.?

1959-1960: 250,000 Cuban Immigrants

1965-1973: 300,000 Cuban Immigrants

1980- today: 125,000 Cuban Immigrants

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How the U.S. Population treat this group?

Cubans who flee from Cuba were mostly wealthy and were from an higher social class, there wasn't much racism toward the group.

The group contribution to the U.S.

25% of all Cubans owned business, they are one of the most educated ethnic group in the U.S. The Cuban culture is displayed throughout the U.S. Most of theses Cubans are famous actors.