by Sydney and John

How to avoid falling in the kitchen

  • Keep commonly used items within easy reach. This limits having to stoop very low or reach up high. A long-handled reacher, with rubber grips, helps with out-of-reach items.
  • A step stool is a necessary item for every kitchen. Choose a sturdy one, preferably with a hand rail. Resist the temptation to climb up on chairs or tables – they definitely aren’t designed for that purpose.
  • Clean up spills immediately; they may cause you to slip and fall later if forgotten.

What to do if you fall in the kitchen

If someone falls, do not help them up until you know that they're okay. If they're not okay, notify a teacher right away. Most importantly, stay calm.

First aid for kitchen falls

  • Call for medical help if you're experiencing dizziness, vomiting, head aches, or speech impairment after falling.
  • Ice bags or cold water/cloths and elevation are needed for mild bruises or sprains.
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