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October 10-14


This week, we talked about figurative language in poetry. We will spend some time discussing all the different features of poetry. On Monday, we began making figurative language books. It gave us a definition and example of each type of figurative language. We began with personification. The kids even created their own fall poem using personification. We also had fun with similes and metaphors and the students created their own similes and metaphors. We also practiced writing similes with Halloween objects. We learned about alliteration. We had a superhero theme. Each group selected a letter of the alphabet. Using that letter, the kids had to create a superhero and make up a few sentences about what their superhero did using alliteration. We will continue to learn more about poetry next week.


In writing this week, we began discussing personal narratives, our next writing piece. The class learned more about what a personal narrative is and we read examples of personal narratives. We also began discussing “small moment” writing and how we should pick out and focus on a small moment in time, rather than the big picture.


This week in math, we continued learning strategies for multiplication! On Monday, the kids created an array city. Check them out during conferences! We also studied how the commutative property and multiplication go together. For example, 2x4=4x2. On Tuesday, we practiced writing multiplication stories. Lastly, we concluded this topic with writing to explain. We got better at explaining a mathematical answer with writing. The test will be next Tuesday. I sent home the review over thee weekend. It is due by Tuesday.

Science/Social Studies

In science this week, we concluded our topic on organisms and their environments by taking a trip to the Wilderness Science Center. We learned about mammals native too Kansas and their adaptations. THANK YOU to all the volunteers that helped! The kids had a blast!

We also began social studies this week. We kicked off our community theme by studying ways in which Leawood has changed over time.

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Star Student


17: Brock

31: Georgia

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 18-19: Donuts with Dad

Oct. 26: P.M. conferences

Oct. 27: No School for students- Parent/teacher conferences

Oct. 28: No School

Oct. 31: Fall Costume Parade and Party 2:15