How is Baseball Played?

By: Arjun Popat


When you step up to the plate you are on offense. You are trying to hit the ball to get a run in or to get on base so that another batter can get you to H.P. There are different kinds of hits. There are singles when you get to first base when you get contact. Doubles are when you get to second base on a hit. Triples are very rare and are when you get to Third Base on a hit. If the fielders make errors. and then there is the Home Run. The two types of home runs. One is the one people actually think of when it is hit outside the field and somewhere on or inside the foul poles. The other one is called the inside-the-park-home-run and is when the ball is in the field and in play but the batter rounds the bases to get home.


On defense players play positions. There are 9 positions. They are the Pitcher, Catcher, First Baseman, Second Baseman, Third Baseman, Shortstop, Left Fielder, Center fielder, and Right Fielder. There is also a DH( Designated Hitter) who only hits in an AL Ballpark. These players on defense try to prevent hits and runs. There are also different types of outs that can be made. These are pop outs(when batters pop a ball high up), fly out(when batters hit the ball to the out field and an outfielder catches it), foul out(when player hit ball in foul territory and a fielder catches it, and a line out(when the batter hits it right to a fielder).