Trip To Mars

Want a vacation?

Special Offers For The Red Planet

If you ever were to make your way to mars, a seven month long trip, you'll love this deal below.

The trip plus a months worth of stay at one of Mars's famous hotels, plus all expenses included of a price of $130,000 this new years. You will experience all Mars has to offer, with a tour of the red planet plus activities you may not experience on plant Earth.

Expect the unexpected

Mars is quite far away from the sun so expect it to be extremely cold, about 120F colder than Earth to be exact. Most of the time you'll have to be in a space suit due to the lack of oxygen in Mars's atmosphere. Fun fact, Mars's atmosphere is composed primarily of carbon dioxide, so we need trees before we can walk on Mars free of space suits.

Zero Gravity

Mar's gravity is very much different to Earths. Instead of being on the ground, don't be surprised if you find yourself floating or in other terms 'flying'. But with that being said make sure you're aware of your surroundings and belongings during your stay Mars. Who knows you might wake up with no bed & nothing but yourself.