The Stories Of 2015

Mankind's greatest achievements and defeats in the year 2015

Number 5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As being one of, and probably the biggest pop culture icon. Star Wars released a slight teaser trailer in 2014. But the real shock and aw came when the 1st official trailer came out in early 2015 setting a record for being that most watched trailer in the fastest time. Earning 37,234,860 million views in its first 2 days. And shattered box office records in its release.
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Number 4. Charlie Hebdo

The news story that was heard around the world. The attack and massacre on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo. A small newspaper company in Paris that printed controversial images and depictions of Race, Religion and Politics. These depictions cost the lives of 11 people and injured 11 more. This was not only a attack on freedom of speech, but a attack on humanity.

Number 3. Gay Marriage Legal

On June 16, the supreme court made it legal for couples of same sex could now marry. This was a unforgettable day for many same sex couples and for the gay community in general. Making a historic moment in human history.

Number 2. Donald Trump

When Donald Trump announced his running for presidency, most believe it was a joke played by the billionaire. But sadly this crude and over the top man is very serious and is making a impact on the polls.
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Number 1. Paris attacks