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Welcome to The Check-in! , a biweekly newsletter from the Mission Hills High School Library, featuring the latest print and digital titles as well as highlights from throughout our collection! Grizzlies, get to know YOUR library!

Volume 1, Issue 4 : April 23, 2021

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Dystopian Novels

Celebrate Earth Day! April 22, 2021

Essential Library Vocabulary

"availability" - where can I find this book? is it print or digital?

"MHHS" - Mission Hills High School, location means the book is available in print on campus

"Sora" - online eBook platform, go to to access

"Sora achievements" - reading books in Sora will earn you achievements; we will include what achievements you could earn by reading this title in Sora

"SMUSD" - San Marcos Unified School District (original library in Sora)

"SDCL" - San Diego County Library system (add this library to your Sora account for access)

"Serra" - Serra Library Cooperative (add this library to your Sora account for access)

"reading level" - reading levels are broken down by grade levels

"Lexile measure" - listed when available, from the Lexile Framework for Reading, lexiles measure of a text's readability - best used in conjunction with a student's Lexile reader measurement, visit for more information

"call number" - used to locate print books in our stacks; using the Dewey Decimal System, a call number is the number on the book's spine that shows where in the stacks you may find it; fiction call numbers start with "FIC" and end with the first three letters of the author's last name; nonfiction call numbers use decimals from 000.000 to 999.999 to classify by subject, ex: 741.5, followed by the first three letters of the first author's last name.

"genre" - what kind of book is it? fiction or nonfiction? YA or children's? fantasy or science fiction? biography or memoir?

"graphic novel" - a novel in comic-strip format

"sci-fi" - short for "science fiction"