Daisy Fleabane

Aster Family

Where and When the Daisy Fleabane Blooms

The habitat that the Daisy Fleabane lives in is moist meadows, woods, streambanks. The Daisy Fleabane blooms in many different places like Northeast region, Southeast region, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest.

What the Daisy Fleabane "Supposedly" Does

Supposedly if you dried Daisy Fleabane and put it around your home the fleas would


Wow Facts

  • skin may be irritated by contact
  • used to treat urinary tract problems

What The Daisy Fleabane Looks Like

The extra color is yellow in the Daisy Fleabane and the flower position is many atop stem

also the name of the leaf shape is lanceolate smooth. The name of the flower type is daisy like and the plant grows 8-28 in. tall and the flower head is 1/2-1 in. wide.

Images from www.google.com