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School Newsletter for Parents

For the week of January 4

Hello and happy new year, Attea families! We hope you had an enjoyable Winter Break.

We're eager to resume and start seeing students again, although we remain in the current Adaptive Pause mode until January 19.

This week's newsletter contains some useful reminders about classroom and school functions. Please contact us if you have any questions: Contact Attea Middle School.

Go Flyers!!

Attea's Little Library

Thanks to the Debra Gelfand Children's Foundation, we now have a Little Library in front of the school. The idea behind the library is for students to have easy and ongoing access to books. Families can simply drive up and take a book (or return/donate a book).

Clarification: Note that the Attea LRC is still open during the Adaptive Pause. Students and staff can reserve books through the Destiny catalog and pick them up in the main office vestibule as they were doing during Hybrid instruction. Orders are fulfilled at least once a week.

GBS Counselor Visits with 8th graders

This Thursday GBS counselors will be meeting virtually with 8th grade students to talk about the high school program and to preview schedule choices and decisions that students will need to make.

Student Attendance

Attendance procedures during Adaptive Pause will be similar to those we’ve had in place for students who are at home.

  • Call in any absence: Although we know students are at home, if you know your child will be absent from a Zoom class, absent from multiple classes, or absent for the whole day, please call him/her in as absent the way you would if she or he were coming into the building. This way, teachers will know from the start of the day that a student will be absent, and they won’t have to spend the time reaching out to them to check in.

  • Confirming attendance through responsiveness: Students should begin each class period with their camera on so that their teacher can account for them. Students must be responsive to teachers when asked questions, either to the whole class or to teachers individually. In order for a student to be considered present for class, she/he must show the teacher (either through the camera or by responding to questions) that she/he is present while on Zoom for the period. If a student logs into their Zoom class, but their camera is off AND isn't responding to questions from the teacher, the student will be marked absent for that class period. An unresponsive student may be removed from a Zoom class and will have to ask permission to rejoin the class.

  • Attendance corrections: If there’s a specific reason why a student wasn’t able to respond to their teacher for a class period, please let them know so they can mark them correctly.

Zoom Camera Expectations for Students

Students are required to have their camera on when their teachers request it, and their face should be fully visible. Overall, students are more engaged and focused when their cameras are on, and they’re more likely to hold themselves accountable to participate in class discussions and activities. Teachers will usually not require that students have their camera on for the entire class period, but instead only for those portions of class where students are supposed to interact with each other or their teachers.

The expectations below will be shared with all students. Additionally, teachers will be reaching out to students who are consistently not turning on their camera, and they may contact their families as well in order to help problem-solve. The intention here is not to be punitive by any means, but to ensure that students are as actively engaged in their remote learning as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about this, or if there’s a reason you believe your child will not be able to turn on her/his camera, please contact one of your child’s teachers or an administrator.

Expectations/Suggestions for students' camera during Zoom classes:

The following details will be reinforced with students:

  • Your camera must be on during Zoom classes whenever your teacher asks you to turn it on. This likely won’t be the whole class period, but it will be at least some time for each class. You should start every class period with your camera on so your teachers can take attendance.

  • When you’re zooming into class, pretend that you’re in the building. Dress like you would if you were going to school, and do your best to find a quiet place to work at home (This might be tough depending on who else is home, so just do the best you can.)

  • Make sure you’re in a location that you’re comfortable displaying on Zoom. If you’d prefer to keep your space more private, you might choose a place in the house with a blank wall behind you or another nondescript area.

  • Choose or create an appropriate background for your Zoom screen if you’d prefer not to show any part of your house.

  • Use your real name on Zoom

  • If you’re having trouble getting your camera to work, or if you have an internet connection at home that makes being on camera very challenging, please let your teacher know right away.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about the requirement that your camera be on, you must mention it to your teacher rather than simply not turning on your camera. You and your teacher will problem solve ways that your camera can be on in a way that’s comfortable for you. Your teacher may also contact your parents/guardians for their help and suggestions.

Tech Support for Students

Tech support is available for students who are having difficulty. First, students should click THIS LINK which gives some guidance prior to reaching out to our tech support.

Yearbook Photos Still Needed

Hi, Parents. Will you help the Yearbook Club staff by submitting photos for this year's yearbook? There are 3 categories of photos needed (please provide clear, high resolution photos. There are two ways parents can share photos:

1. Parents can use the forms below to share photos. Note, however, that forms can be accessed through students' District Google Drive accounts only.

  • A photo of you and your friends/family engaged in a hobby you picked up during the pandemic? Feel free to submit up to 5 photos using this link:

2. Parents can email photos directly to the Attea Yearbook Club sponsors.

Attea High Flyers

Attea's student recognition program, "High Flyers," is one way we reinforce students' positive character and academic dedication. Students and parents are notified via email when a High Flyer is written. And to add some fun to it, we have a weekly random drawing of prize winners. During in-person instruction students can come to the office to pick up their prize; during the Adaptive Pause, prizes will be labeled with a students' names and placed in the main entrance vestibule for pick-up.

Here is a summary list of Attea Flyers Prize Winners for the past couple of months.

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