The Middle Ages

By: Rachel Koury and Olivia Tanner

The Organization of the Church

Background of the Roman Church

Like the feudal system, the Church established its own organization. The distribution of power was based on statas. The Church structure consisted of different ranks of clergy, or religious officials. The Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was organized just about the same as it is today. The clergy were divided into two groups, the regular and the secular.

-The regular clergy were monks and abbots, who lived in monasteries.

-The secular clergy were the deacons, priests, and bishops who served the secular people around them.

The Pope:

1. Headed the Church in Rome

2. All the clergy, including bishops and priests fell under his authority

3. Bishops supervised priests, the lowest ranking member of the clergy.

The Order from highest to lowest Power

  1. Pope: The head of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Cardinals: A leading dignitary of the Roman Catholic Church, nominated by the pope and collectively forming the Sacred College.
  3. Archbishops: The chief bishop responsible for an *archdiocese.
  4. Bishops: A senior member of the Christian clergy, typically in charge of a diocese and empowered to confer holy orders.
  5. Priests: An ordained minister of the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican Church having the authority to perform rites and administer sacraments.

*Archdiocese: The district for which an archbishop is responsible.

Charlemagne Empire

Background Information

Charlemagne, also known as Charles, took thrown of Franks after the death of his father, Pepin the Short and his brother Carloman. He began to organize a centralized government and conquered lands. He, and the empire ended up conquering Italy, France, Spain, and Germany by 800 AD. Charlemagne was able to help out the Popes who were not getting the help they needed and in return Pope Leo the third named him Holy Roman Empire. He is possibly one of the greatest leaders to this day.

This is Charlemagne^

A picture of Charlemagne's Empire and all of his land^

Dynasties: The Holy Roman Empire (part1/5)

Essential Question

Roman Catholic Church: How did the Roman Catholic Church symbolize dominance of power and how is the organization different from the church, different from what it is today?

Charlemagne: How did Charlemagne's leadership and skills help to improve the empire, and how has he impacted the world?