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Where Learning Happens │May 28, 2019

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Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations to Lynn Seto at Challenger Middle School for winning the grand prize in our participant drawing!

Thank you to everyone who responded to the 20Learn prize entry form. We appreciate knowing who you are! As a thank you to everyone who entered, we’re dropping off goodie bags for you at your site. Keep your eyes open!

Best Practices for Ending the Year Right

The end of the school year brings some important closure practices with Schoology. Linked with this article is a Google Doc full of best practices and FAQs regarding the end of the school year.

Some brief points to remember:

  • Classes will archive 24-36 hours after the grading period ends (as defined by IC).

  • Save your materials to a Collection in Resources for the next school year.

  • You’ll receive access to SY 2019-2020 courses at the beginning of August.

  • There are still spots in some of the Schoology Summer Institute courses.

  • There will be drop-in support sessions all summer long.

  • Look forward to Camp 20Learn on August 5th to help get you started for the next school year.

Attached below is a 20Learn Summer Institute flyer. Information on Camp 20Learn will be distributed after school ends.

Best Practices for Ending the Year Right

Important information for ending the year right with 20Learn powered by Schoology

Summer Institute and 20Learn

Yes! We will be there to support you!

We are planning a variety of Summer Institute courses to meet the needs of all our 20Learn users at any and every level of experience.

  • Schoology 101 - For those staff members wanting to learn how to use Schoology as a learner.
  • Schoology 201 - For those classroom teachers who want to establish a "presence" in Schoology, but aren't quite ready to begin using it for regular classroom instruction.
  • Schoology 301 - For those classroom teachers who want to begin creating learning experiences for their students within the Schoology platform.
  • Schoology 401 - For those classroom teachers already experienced in the Schoology platform, but wanting to create more interactive learning experiences. (Prerequisites or approval required.)
  • Schoology 501 - For those classroom teachers who have been taken a deep dive into using Schoology as a learning platform. (Prerequisites or approval required.)

In addition to leveled courses, we will have offerings on assessment design and creation, badging, and advanced course design in addition to supported work time.

Note: Schoology 401 and 501 are NOT designed for staff members who are new to the platform, have just begun taking Schoology professional learning courses, or have only dipped their toes into the platform. Please try enrolling in Camp Schoology instead. You can register for the morning session, the afternoon session, or both.

Support for 20Learn Users

Drop-in support sessions

Want support with end-of-year Schoology best practices? Join us May 28th at the EAC anytime from 3:15-5:00. We’re here to support you!

20Net page

Have you visited the 20Learn page on 20Net? It has articles, videos and more.

Schoology Help Center

Schoology’s Help Center is full of articles and directions on how to do anything Schoology. Check it out! Schoology Help/Support Center

Submit a question

You can still submit a question to get your own specific needs addressed. Click on the button below this post.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

As with any new adventure, there are questions and concerns. We'd love to hear them! Submit your questions, comments and concerns, and we'll do our best to address them in the following weekly newsletter.

Some Things Can't Be Shared Enough


The sun will set on ALEC at the end of the school year.

You’ve heard it before, but we can’t spread the word enough - ALEC will no longer be supported after the school year ends!

This is our last semester with ALEC. If you have ANY course content in ALEC, please see your DLC for help in downloading a backup of your materials. You can store the download in your OneDrive or upload it to Schoology.

Having Problems? Submit a Help Desk ticket.

Check with your DLC first. If it's something new to them, contact us. We're here to support you!