@ Your Skeeter Library

1st & 2nd Six Weeks

We have survived the Chromebook Conversion!

As you know, your Skeeter Library is swimming in a sea of mobile devices. Now that we have the kinks worked out, the change from desktops to Chromebooks and iPads is going smoothly. Please encourage your students to create their projects and essays using GOOGLE APPS! Also remind them not to wait until the last minute to print!
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  • Number of classes that came to the library: 183
  • Number of lessons co-taught in the library: 132
  • Number of students who used the library from 7:50-8:35: 8,060
  • Number of students who came individually during the school day: 2,834
  • Number of students who used the library during extended hours: 298
  • Number of books circulated: 5,273
  • Number of devices circulated: 2,823