Beth's pride page

With the best teacher EVER!

About me!!

Hi I'm Elizabeth Ulevich! I'm 11. I love gymnastics! My favorite food is pizza! I literally only get pizza at Di Carlos!(NOT A LIE!!) I have 2 siblings. I have a big brother named Jacob and a younger sister named Meghan. I love animals! Now that I've explained enough about me lets get on with my page!

Potato Olympics!!

During the PSSA we are doing the potato olympics! This is a fun activity! My potato's name is bubble gum! She lives in the country Bubblepop in Fudgetown with her BFF lollipop. She is in the Olympic's around the world. Her best event is gymnastics! When she isn't traveling she's at home in the potato Olympic's and her best event is the potato dash.

I am proud of...


I am proud of my tessellation. A tessellation is a is a puzzle made up of different shapes.This is my tessellation. (By the way there fish.) Thanks Mr.Alloway!!!


This year I made new Bff's. Their names are Kennedy, Ziya, and Emma. We love to hang out together.


I am proud of my animal I made in social studies. This animal is called a cog. A cog is a mixture of a cow and a dog. It has a dogs nose and a cows body.



Outside of school I do gymnastics. I am proud that I moved up 3 levels and I just started this year. I love gymnastics so much its so much fun!!!! Right now I'm in level 4 advanced. I go to Skyline.


This year I made a poetry project with to poems I liked and to I created.

Geometry project

I did a geometry project where I had to go on google maps and find real objects and measure them and other stuff. I will show you what I did.