3rd Grade Connections

Ms. Bradley, Mrs. Gaines, Mrs. Michau, and Mrs. Valk

January Calendar

Monday, Jan. 7th - Students return to school

Tuesday, Jan. 15th - Report cards go home

Monday, Jan. 21st - NO SCHOOL - MLK Jr. Day


Develop an understanding of fractions and equivalent fractions


Electricity (Building simple circuits and classifying materials as conductors and insulators)

Social Studies

Compare economic conditions for various classes in South Carolina

Summarize the development of slavery in antebellum South Carolina


Write opinion texts (introduce a topic, state an opinion, and provide supporting reasons)

Read and think critically to fiction texts

Read and respond according to task and purpose to become a self-directed, critical reader and thinker

PBIS School Expectations

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Enrichment Practice


Students can work on addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts

https://www.ixl.com (look under grade 3 to find practice activities)

Students can practice reading and math skills

Quizlet - Another way for students to study!

Log on to: https://quizlet.com/amywhiteD118


Read 20 minutes each night

Study social studies or science notes

Practice basic addition/subtraction facts

Practice multiplication/division facts

Weekly homework worksheets are due each Friday