April Newsletter

Mrs. Pullen

Save the Date

Spring Break: April 10th-April 17th

Talent Show Auditions: April 20th

Report Cards go home: April 21st

Wear School Colors: April 28th

Math State Testing: May 2nd-4th

Talent Show: May 19th


In an effort to prepare the students for next year, Mr. Ballard and I do not allow students to make corrections for the final marking period. Please discuss this with your child at home and remind them of it when they are preparing for quizzes, tests and project-based assignments.

If your child is struggling with a topic, please encourage them to come in for extra help during their lunch period.

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend the 6th grade author's tea! The students came back to the classroom and were beaming with pride. I was so proud to see how excited they were to show off their hard work. Please click on the link below to see pictures from the day.

Social Studies

The students are pushing ahead in Social Studies as we begin our unit of Ancient China. Our main focus is understanding how the ideas, events and people shaped China in the past and how they still effect today's society.

We have started off the unit with a small research project on a specific event or place in ancient China. The students are taking what they find out about their topic and creating a "glog", which is an interactive online poster. Ask them about it!

Being a Community

This week we started our Book Buddies program with kindergarten, first and second graders. Each of the sixth graders was partnered up with a younger student. For the remainder of the year, the students will be listening to their book buddy read for twenty minutes on Mondays. This will continue until the end of the school year as a way to strengthen our school community.

Our hope is to help boost the confidence of younger students and assist in improving their reading comprehension, fluency and maybe even writing skills! It doesn't hurt that watching the whole experience is extremely cute!