Greek Theatre

By: Riley and Raghuram

Thespis and The Festival of Dionysus


The actors didn't tell the story of the play. They acted what the lines said. The chorus and the singers spoke/sung the lines. The actors used masks to play their part better. The actors changed into different roles by changing in to different masks.


The most popular plays were comedies, dramas, tragedies, and satires. They were theatre competions held in many different cities. Theatre was a big part of Greece. Athens was the place where most of the plays took place. Prisoners were released from jails to watch these plays that took place around Greece. Really big crowds would come to see a play. It was around 15,000 people.

Fun Facts

Aeschylus was known as the Father of Tragedy.

There were three parts of Comedy: Old, Middle, New.

The winning play of the competition got famous.

Men played the role of women.

Euripides induced the rise of the New Comedy.

Theater was a big components of religious festivals.

Some theaters were constructed on hillsides and could hold a large number of people.