Mariah Arias

schools should stop bullying

Have you ever been bullied and felt like you couldn't do anything about it ? it sucks to be turned down by teachers when they tell you not all people are nice just ignore them and you'll have to put up with it . Its sad to see kids feel like they don't feel safe and end up feeling worthless and later on when it hits to the breaking point where they start committing suicide .This is the one thing that people do it happens in all schools where the fights and bullying pushes the limit when the victim no longer feels safe in their comfort zone peoples, actions , words have done a lot of harm you never realize what very little damage you can do to break a person . Let me ask you this honestly have you ever been bullied or have you ever been the bully? it does not feel good does it to bully someone different then you make jokes about them and do mean ,cruel actions to them don't you think they already have enough on their plate to handle ? .I hope this gets to you and understand what type of damage you can cause don't be the bully be the friend that can help stop bullying