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International Dot Day September 15th-ish

Dot Day Challenge

Check out this smore about the Dot Day Challenge. "The Dot" written by Peter H. Reynolds has a great message about how EVERYONE can make their own mark.

I challenge teachers (K-12) to help your students make their mark!! Help your students create something, anything to make their mark.

Celebrate Creativity, Courage, and Collaboration

Imagine the power and potential of millions of people around the world connecting, collaborating, creating and celebrating all that creativity inspires and invites. I hope you will join the growing global community of creativity champions using their talents, gifts and energy to move the world to a better place.

Peter H. Reynolds

The Dot

A simple book, but it's definitely one with a message to share. Actually, it has several important messages. Children will be able to relate to the central theme about "making a mark" and making a difference. As a teacher, I was also reminded about how important it is for us to support our students and believe in them. Vashti's teacher honored her simple dot by framing the signed picture, and this small bit of encouragement was enough to help Vashti discover a hidden talent.

#dotday #makeyourmark

Video of "The Dot"

The Dot

Making Your Mark

There is more than one way to celebrate International Dot Day. Here are some simple ideas and great examples from past International Dot Day participants. Feel free to borrow an idea or generate an idea of your own. All it takes is a little creativity!

Tweet about it!

If you participate in Dot Day, don't forget to take pictures and let everyone know what awesome things your students come up with. Tweet it out and don't forget to include the #bowieisd and #dotday and #makeyourmark

If you tweet out and participate about your students work by Sept 18th, you will be entered into a drawing for your favorite Sonic drink!! Delivered to your room whenever you want/need it.

Connect with Teachers ALL over the world about Dot Day

Dot Day takes place in at least 11 countries celebrating creativity, courage, and collaboration. Share your classes story!!!