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Healthy, Safe and Caring Schools

UPDate December 2014

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Quit Smoking Week January 19-25

No Name Calling Week January 19-23

Global Belly Laugh Day January 24


Heart Month

Eating Disorders Awareness Week February 1-7

International Safer Internet Day February 10

30 Hour Famine February 27-28

Pink Shirt Day February 25

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week February 9-14

Enhancing Mental Health in Schools

The Children’s Mental Health Research Quarterly Enhancing Mental Health in Schools publication is prepared for MCFD by the Children’s Health Policy Centre at Simon Fraser. Topics include adding mental health to lesson plans, making schools more successful environments for positive mental health outcomes, and new options for treating ADHD.

itunes Pocket Guide

This itunes pocket guide for students provides information on topics including time management, relationships, mental illness, suicide, and addictions. It also includes mental health self-help information and contains recommendations where students can go to get help.


No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. The relationships formed between students and school staff are at the heart of school connectedness. Clickhere to learn more about how to strengthen connections to school, including ten tips for teachers and ten tips for administrators to foster school connectedness.

Connection to School

The recent 2013 McCreary Centre Society’s BC Adolescent Survey reported that 94% of youth who felt highly connected to school reported good or excellent mental health, compared to 58% who felt less connected. Findings from the survey identified school connectedness as an important protective factor for youth. Read the full story here

Youth Mental Health in BC

In the fall of 2013 the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth agreed to undertake a special project examining youth mental health in British Columbia. Click here to read the Committee’s interim report.

Measuring What Matters

The People for Education's Measuring What Matters initiative has released five papers that review the importance of domains beyond literacy and numeracy. In the first paper Stuart Shanker identifies five core aspects of social-emotional functioning that are critical for a child’s well-being and and long-term success. The paper outlines how "soft" skills contribute to academic success as well as fewer problems at school, in life and in work. To read the paper, click here.


MindUP™ is a research-based training program for educators and children. This program is composed of 15 lessons based in neuroscience. Students learn to self-regulate behavior and mindfully engage in focused concentration required for academic success.

If you are interested in having a workshop at your school contact or call 250-475-4223. Workshops can be one hour (a brief introduction to the program) an all day session or anything in between based on the needs and interest of your staff.

Teacher Mentorship

Action Schools! BC Teacher Mentorship brings hands-on professional development into your school. A Trainer can spend a day in your school mentoring teachers in the activity of their choice (dance, Chinese jump rope, skipping, chair aerobics, juggling, circuits and stations, healthy eating lessons, etc.) Trainers can also assist with action planning, food and beverage guidelines support, organizing equipment and resources, and more. Contact or 1-800-565-7727 to book.

Playground Circuits are a resource individually designed for each Action School. You can find your school circuit atPlayground Circuits

Future Goals

The NHL and the NHL Players Association have launched a North American education initiative Future Goals that helps students build their science, technology, engineering, and math skills using the fast-paced, exciting game of hockey as a learning vehicle.

Safe Routes to School

A recent USA study demonstrates that safe routes to school works. Results show significant benefits of School Travel Planning initiatives for communities which include increased safety and healthier kids. Read more about the findings here, which also includes a takeaway policy for planners.

Fresh to You Fundraiser

The Fresh to You Fundraiser for BC Schools is a healthy fundraising alternative for schools using BC grown fruits and vegetables. Schools sell bundles of fruits and vegetables and 40% of the profit goes back to the school. This program will run twice during the school year, spring and fall. This fundraiser is an extension of the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program and is offered to schools currently participating in this program. General information can be found here

Enhancing Learning and Self Regulaton through Physical Activity

In the Action Schools! BC workshop Enhancing Learning and Self Regulation through Physcial Activity you will learn about and try physical activities that can contribute to brain function and development and assist students and teachers with self-regulation. Activities will include BrainDance, tai chi, juggling, outdoor circuits, and movement to music. Ideas will be offered for integrating them into certain times in the school day when energizing or calming activities can be beneficial (one hour workshop for elementary and middle).

If you are interested in having this workshop at your school contact or call 250-475-4223.

Support Mental Health through Quality Physical Activity

CAAWS has released a new resource for after school program supervisors - Healthy Minds in Active Bodies. This resource makes the link between physical activity and mental health, and provides a practical information on building mental health and resiliency amongst children and youth, suggestions for program enhancements, and guidelines on how to talk to children, parents and staff about the issues. Download Healthy Minds in Active Bodies

Tobacco and Health Education Kits

The first of the new interactive educational kits on tobacco and health has been completed (grades 8-12) and is available for loan by educators in the school system. Call the Tobacco Prevention and Control Office at 250-360-1450 for more information or to book the tool kit. Additional kits in the series will be available in early 2015 they include: Tobacco Free Sports, Smokeless Tobacco, Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco and Youth (grades 3-7).

BC's Food System

Do you really know where your food comes from? Check out BC at the Table the newest resource from the BC Dairy Association. Through videos, learn about BC's food system and how we produce, process, distribute and acquire local food, following the stories of produce, grains, dairy and salmon. Teacher resources are available as well. Click here to read more.

Be the Change Earth Alliance

Healthy Schools Network and Be the Change Earth Alliance are uniting to bring inquiry-based curriculum to BC schools. Be the Change Earth Alliance is an NGO dedicated to global health and sustainability through education that empowers critical thinking and behaviour change. Click here to read more.

Campus View Supports Sierra Club

In October the Sierra Club BC Educator got to meet, teach, inspire, and be inspired by over 300 Campus View students. In addition to being awesome participants and co-learners, Campus View had collected a $100.00 donation for the Environmental Education Program. Over the next few weeks donations continued to come in. In total Campus View students, families, and staff contributed $546.00 to Sierra Club programs. For information on Sierra Club school programs click here


The Youth Action Grants up to $500 for youth-led projects are from the McCreary Youth Advisory & Action Council . The grants were created to provide BC youth (ages 12-19) from school districts that participated in the 2013 BC Adolescent Health Survey, the opportunity to deliver a project which aims to improve youth health in their school or community.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Breakfast Clubs of Canada believe that children and youth are entitled to a healthy breakfast every morning before school. Whether it involves establishing a new breakfast program or strengthening an existing one, they provide schools with the necessary funds, kitchen equipment, training, tools and food donations. The Club accepts applications year-round from schools from both new and existing programs

Ministry of Justice

One-time grant funding of up to $10,000 (per school) is now available to fund school-based prevention programs that address healthy and respectful relationships. Priority will be given to initiatives that raise awareness of the root causes and impacts of violence, as well as shifting attitudes and behaviours to prevent violence against women. All applications must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on January 7, 2015.

More Grant Opportunites at Healthy Schools BC

To check out more grant opportunities visit the Healthy Schools BC website here

The Healthy Schools BC website is a “one-stop” access point for healthy schools information and programs across the province. The website assists teachers, the health sector, and other interested members of the community in accessing the array of resources available and demonstrates how these programs can work together using a planned and coordinated approach.

Have a Healthy School Story to Share?

Each month, DASH highlights healthy schools stories. Click here to view the Healthy Schools BC Stories Map to read more stories and submit your own.


With a focus on anti-bullying, students at Glanford Middle School in Victoria took a leadership role in promoting healthy relationships in their school community. Students led this initiative throughout the school year with announcements, activities, and videos, including positive and encouraging messaging for all students on anti-bullying day and a school-wide 'rainbow day' to signify acceptance on anti-homophobia day. Click here to read the full story.


The staff at Doncaster has made it a priority to provide their students with opportunities to be active at school every day to improve health, increase focus and help students self regulate. The staff takes advantage of the Action Schools! BC website, full of relevant curriculum linked resources, and participates in workshops provided by Action Schools! BC Regional Trainers to learn a variety of fun and innovative physical activities that engage students. Teachers are supported by Action Schools! BC Physical Activity Action Bins filled with resources and equipment, including DVDs, CDs, scarves, skipping ropes and other tools to implement daily physical activity (DPA) in the classroom, gymnasium, outdoors and alternative spaces.

Spectrum School Winter Fun Fair


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Healthy, Safe and Caring Schools


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