Zak Water Bottles


Zak Water Bottles

Zak Water Bottles are unique bottles made of plastic.


Globalization will effect where people inhabit.


Globalization is the spread of businesses. There are pros and cons to this particular concept. It is good for the technology and business growth to extend throughout the world, however, if there is economic advancements in a part of the world that is not prepared, then work conditions can extend into areas that are not safe.


Mainly, the product is made of plastic. The creation process begins in Hong Kong. It is later shipped out to areas like Spokane, WA, USA to finish the products, and then to Chicago, New York, Los Angela's, and Houston Texas.
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Many problems can occur from the my product that are environmental, technological, cultural, and economical. One environmental problem could be the pollution occurring when releasing the bi-products from making and molding the plastic. A technological problem could be that the products are slowing the technology use in Hong Kong, and make technological advancements stagnant. A cultural problem could be that residents neighboring Hong Kong may move there for the job opportunity in the bottle-making factory, conflicting and merging their culture with those who already live in Hong Kong.


A solution to the technological problem could be to improve the design of the bottles, a design that would encourage improved technology to create it. This would really helps technological advancements come easy.
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The Future

I believe that in about 15 years there will definitely be a big technological advancement. This could affect my children's lives greatly, because they will have vastly different education methods, job opportunities, and communication with one another. This will result from such a huge technology boost deriving from the future's globalization.