Blog #2

Milagro Royce

First Day and Night

The first day with Milagro was very busy. At 6:30 in the morning she was already up and she started to cry, so yes she's my alarm clock. After that, I fixed her a 6-ounce bottle and she drank that bottle up fast! Around 6:50 I dressed her up and put on some cute sweater since it's getting a little chilly outside. She had to stay with her great grandma since mommy had to go to school and her daddy had to go to work making amazing music(: When I got home from school, her great grandma told me that she ate Gerber and drank two 6-ounce bottles. She also had to change her diaper twice. Milagro was still asleep and I did chores to take advantage that time that she wasn't awake. I managed to finish a lot by the time she woke up around 4 and I had to change her diaper again! At night, I took her a bath, put on Pj's, and sung to her a lullaby which caused her to fall asleep right away. That same night, me and my partner had an argument over if she should sleep with us or not. I wanted her to sleep with us, but her father didn't think it was a good idea. I told him that it's better if she could sleep with us in a cot because this will reduce the risk of Milagro overheating under our bedspread, which is one of the causes of SIDS. I also told him that she would wake up less during the night and she would even cry less! He thought about it and he decided to let her sleep close to us so in case she coughs or cries, i'll be right there next to her.