Latin Amarica MAGAZINE

By: Naceur

Physical features for Latin America

Latin American Ancient Civilizations No 1.

Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire was a strong and huge civilization with over 15 million people. They were a religious tribe that believed in many gods. For of the gods are. Their civilization alone took up a good bit of Mexico and the were still growing with ease until 1519 November 8th when Harnan Cortes step foot on Tenochtitlan were he met the Aztecs and they had mistaken him for a "bearded god" and showed him all of there rituals. Once done so he was infuriated and demanded them to stop the sacrifice. The Aztecs refused and told him about pleasing the gods, that was when Harnan Cortes created war and conquered the Aztecs.
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Latin America Ancient Civilizations No 2.

Inca Empire

the Inca Empire was the biggest and most religious tribe in there region. they housed over 12 million incas in most of Peru. The Inca empire was a very religious tribe. They believe in many gods. Four of the main gods that they believed in were Viracocha the god of creating the Earth and the stars, Inti the god of the sun, lllapa the god of the thunder and lightning, and Mama Quilla the goddess of the moon also sister/wife to Inti. The inca were very religious like the Aztecs, the one thing they did not do as much was sacrifice. The inca did sacrifice just not as much as the Aztec did. There kingdom was a friendly one and many joined until the day fransisco Pizarro step foot on there civilization in 1532, right after Atahualpa won the crown. Pizzaro took Atahualpa prisoner and demanded him to give the Spanish there money ( gold and silver ). After he had done so fransisco pizzaro killed Atahualpa and then finished the rest off with either disease or conquistadors with arms. The bad part of this whole thing was that the Inca Empire at this time was at a hard place because Atahualpa won but crippled the the kingdom with the war when he did. At this time unfortunately Pizzaro attacked them and won
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Environmental concerns with Brazil,Mexico, and Venusuala

Government leaders

Brazil Mexico and Venusuala

The president of Brazil is Dilma Rousseff and she serves a 4 year term.

The president of Mexico is Enrique Pena Nieto and he serves a 6 year term.

The president of Venusuala is Nicolas Madoro and he serves a 6 year term.