How I survived My Summer Vacation

Robin Friedman


Jackie is pressured his coach for dating his daughter and also has to complete his novel.

Garus is Jackie's swim teammate he's like Jackie's brother because he's always with him.

Mallory is Jackie's best friend and is always helping Jackie with problems.

Nick is also Jackie's swim teammate he's also into a lot of girls.

Coach is Jackie's swimming coach and is hard on Jackie because of his daughter .


The setting is in Jackie;s room where he's trying to finish his novel's opening line on his computer. The setting is also at his school's swimming pool practicing for his meet.


Failure is a part of life.

The important thing is not to give up.

Figure out what you're doing wrong , change that , and keep at it .


He's having problems finishing his novel's opening line. Also his swim team is having their first meet against their biggest enemy .

The conflict is external.


Jackie Monterey is on a swim team during the summer. The coach's daughter Kelly has a crush on Jackie but Jackie doesn't want to date her because the coach would put more pressure on him. But while all the pressure is on him he's has to finish his novel's opening line. Weeks later he asked out Kelly and they started to date. Also his swim team is having their first meet against Brewster. Since Jackie is the best on the swim team the whole team is counting on him .